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Matthew Cooper

My name is Matthew Cooper. I'm an open-source enthusiast, web developer and E-Commerce consultant from Sydney, Australia. Since 2006 I have been learning to live in México City.

Coder for life

My philosophy on web development and which combination of languages and platforms to use is pretty relaxed. I adapt to the right tool for the job and I am not afraid to throw it all away if I find a better match for the project requirements. I usually work in PHP, Java, JavaScript and Python. I am also a fan of frameworks with Zend Framework, Django, Mootools, Ext-JS and QT ranking at the top of my most used list.

What I specialize in

  • Secure payment gateway solutions for high traffic sites under the Magento platform
  • Post payment fraud detection and risk analysis
  • Security and performance optimization through code hardening techniques (unit testing, SQL injection tests, stress tests) and a robust profiling/refactoring work flow
  • ERP integrations (SAP Business One, Netsuite) in Java and PHP
  • Agile/Scrum training 101 - combined with control versioning
  • Web server administration under Red Hat/CentOs Linux
  • Mobile development (Android and iOS)

Locating Me

Contact me by email if you are interested in collaborating on an open-source project or solicit my services as a consultant/developer.

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